Car Dealers Insurance in Indiana and Illinois
Auto Insurance in Illinois - History

Auto Insurance is the Law!

Liability insurance in Illinois became mandatory on January 1, 1990. Before that date it
was optional for owners of motorized vehicles to purchase liability auto insurance or not.
Many states that had insurance as an option adopted financial responsibility laws which
made it mandatory for drivers with serious violations to possess liability auto insurance
in order for the State to extend driving privileges.

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auto insurance quotes in Illinois
Car Insurance Companies in Illinois

There are tens of auto insurance companies in Illinois. These companies are operating with
different missions and goals, and while all of them are offering auto insurance quotes, they
have lots of dissimilarities. We can classify auto insurance companies in Illinois into a
couple of classifications

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What is SR22 Insurance in Illinois?

Illinois  SR22 is a methodology  that is used by the State of Illinois to maintain an eye on the
insurance status of troubled drivers who demonstrated disregards to Illinois Laws
pertaining auto insurance.

How to File SR22 Certificate in Illinois

SR22 insurance filing in Illinois is now completed electronically by most insurers operating
in the State. There are several forms of SR22 insurance certificates in Illinois that the
Illinois operators may seek to file.

Financial Responsibility Insurance is SR22

SR22 insurance in Illinois is also called Financial Responsibility Filing.  A person may
become required to file for SR22 insurance in Illinois for a simple reason of operating an
uninsured vehicle (not necessarily being in an accident).

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Illinois

Calling an independent insurance brokers will help. You need to have all your information
ready and call him or her with information. Not all car insurance companies in Illinois do
SR22 filing.

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